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Shopping Bags -
County Ordinance to Restrict Use
Single-use plastic carryout shopping bags are being eliminated in Los Angeles County.  Consumers are encouraged to bring along a reusable bag when shopping.  Retailers are no longer permitted to provide plastic bags.
Why are single use plastic bags an issue?
Although single use plastic carryout bags are inexpensive and have some useful qualities, they have significant environmental impacts.  Each year approximately six billion single use plastic carryout bags are consumed in the County of Los Angeles.  Single use plastic bags present both an economic and an environmental burden on society.  Litter cleanup of unincorporated areas costs County taxpayers over $20 million annually, of which plastic bags are a significant portion of the litter stream. Since single use plastic bags are lightweight, they easily become airborne. They tend to be blown around and become caught in trees, bushes, fences, and storm drains. Bags that are caught on land are an eyesore but also cause harm to the animals which may become tangled in the bags or mistake them for food or nesting material.
Plastic bag litter often finds its way to the ocean where it can drift for years.  In the marine environment these bags remain in the water for many years slowly breaking into smaller pieces. Unfortunately, the bags look very similar to jellyfish and many turtles and whales mistakenly eat the bags which remain in the animal’s digestive tract for the rest of its life. They can fill the animal’s stomach and prevent it from eating sufficient amounts of real food.
There are negative environmental impacts related to paper bags as well, and a switch from plastic to paper effectively trades one set of impacts for another.
Reusable bags are a good alternative. They last far longer and have far less impact on the environment than either plastic or paper single use bags.

Voluntary Bag Reduction program

In January 2008 the County began a voluntary single-use paper/plastic bag reduction and recycling program.  The goal was to reduce bag disposal, and increase recycling for both paper and plastic single use bags.  In two and half years the initial goal of 30% reduction was not achieved, thus it was recommended that a mandatory reduction program be implemented.

Mandatory program

The current ordinance was passed by the board of supervisors in November 2010.  It was first implemented in large retail stores effective July 1, 2011;  later in small retail stores January 1, 2012.  The program eliminates the use of single-use plastic carryout bags, and imposes a ten cent charge for a single-use paper bag.  The purpose of the 10 cent charge is to deter a switch from plastic to paper bags, which have their own set of environmental drawbacks.  The 10 cent fee is retained by the store.
The ordinance is effective in all unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.  Incorporated cities within the County are not affected though there are several cities that have enacted their own bag programs.  Other cities including Lancaster and Palmdale have no single-use bag program.
The County program is administered and monitored by the Department of Public Works. It is their responsibility to monitor compliance, follow up on complaints, and issue compliance reminders to retail stores as needed.

More information

A letter of recomendation to the Board of Supervisors from the Department of Public Works is here.
Additional information can be found at the County bag program website here.

Elizabeth Lake and Lake Hughes Data

Click the link below to see demographic information about the Lakes.
The next regular meeting will be held
Saturday March 2, 2013 8:30 AM
at the Lakes Community Center.
(The March meeting agenda will be available at the meeting.) 
Lakes Community Center
17520 Elizabeth Lake Road
Lake Hughes, CA 93532

Election Results
There was one candidate for the November 6 election, and four open positions.  Candidate Ashley Petit was thusly elected by acclamation without formal balloting.  The remaining three Council seats may be filled by appointment of the two council members Ashley Petit and Les Vion. 
Lakes Community Center
Facilitates Football Fundraising Fun
The Lakes Community Center is conducting a fundraising program involving NFL football games.  Participants in the program will have a chance to win a $50 prize for each of 10 NFL playoff games, as well a $200 prize for the Super Bowl game. For a $20 donation a player receives a game booklet coded with ending score possibilities for each game. The player wins if the football game score matches the codes in his booklet.
The Town Council opted at the last meeting to let the Community Center operate the event this year
Upgrade Planned for Dangerous
Lake Hughes Road Curve
In recent months two drivers have veered off the road and wound up in the ditch far below and out of site. Local resident and community project implementer Tom Joynt has been working with Norm Hickling and the County Department of Public Works for a road upgrade to include additional guardrail and signage to reduce the hazard.  Click here for a diagram of the plan.

Proposal to License Livestock
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has proposed an idea to license livestock animals. The specifics are not clear, but  the proposed ordinance may include the licensing of chickens, rabbits, horses, and other traditional “farm animals”, as is presently done with dogs and cats.
A meeting is being hosted by the Los Angeles County Farm Bureau to discuss the proposal. The meeting is scheduled to be held Thursday June 14 at 6 PM at the Bureau offices in Palmdale.  A representative of the Department of Public Health is expected to attend to answer questions.
The Farm Bureau is a non-profit group organized to promote and protect farm and agricultural interests in the Los Angeles County area.  It is not affiliated with Los Angeles County nor any government entity.
Click here to view the meeting notice.
Click here to view comments and questions solicited from the public subsequent to an earlier meeting last April.
Element Power Wind Turbine Project
The Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning has extended the comment period for the Element wind turbine electricity generating project proposed for the Fairmont area. Refer to the notice linked here: 
The project description may be found at this link: http://planning.lacounty.gov/assets/upl/case/r2010-00256_nop.pdf 
The project is proposed on 3,700 acres located in the Fairmont area approximatey bounded by Munz Ranch Road on the east, the aqueduct on the south, 170th St West on the west, and Avenue E on the north. It borders portions of the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve eastern and southern boundaries. 
Comments should be made as soon as possible, but no later than January 5, 2012.

On March 28, 2011 the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning released a Preliminary draft of the Town and Country Plan for the Antelope Valley. This plan when implemented will apply to and impact the Lakes community. Local Residents are encouraged to review the plan. Click the link below to access this important information.


County of Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan
Click this link for more detail about the Bicycle Plan that will also apply to the Lakes Community:


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